Legal Momentum Joins Governor Cuomo and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in Saying "Enough Is Enough" to Campus Sexual Assault

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Legal Momentum was front and center in celebrating the signing of New York’s landmark “Enough Is Enough” legislation, which protects students who are sexual assault victims.

Carol Robles-Román at Enough Is Enough Signing

Governor Cuomo and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi hailed the new law as “visionary,” saying that it is the most comprehensive student safety bill in the country. According to Governor Cuomo, one in five female college students is sexually assaulted. Legal Momentum was an integral part of the Governor’s office working group on campus sexual assault. “Enough is Enough” lays out new mandates that require affirmative consent of both students before they can engage in sexual activity. It also requires all schools in New York State to notify students of their “Bill of Rights,” which includes supportive services and access to law enforcement (both on and off campus) if they are victims of sexual assault. “Enough Is Enough” provides funding for the New York State Police, rape crisis centers, and other supportive services.

Governor Cuomo made clear that there is zero tolerance for gender discrimination in New York State. As a father of three teen and college-age daughters, Governor Cuomo said that sexual violence against women exists because of deep-seated gender discrimination, and that “Enough Is Enough” is an important step in ending that discrimination. The new law emphasizes that rape and sexual assault are serious crimes and should be treated as such, and that colleges and universities will no longer be able to impede prosecutions of sex crimes to protect their own interests and public images.

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