Domestic Violence survivors are supposed to be protected at work. So why aren't employers complying?

If you are being watched, leave now!


September 6, 2023

Legal Momentum's client Virginia was featured in the 19th as she recounted the discrimination and economic loss that she faced when requesting workplace accommodations as a survivor of domestic violence. In October 2020, Virginia fled with her children when threatened and entered a shelter in New York City. The shelter had a 9pm curfew. In order to comply with the curfew, Virginia requested a shift change at her employer but was not engaged in dialogue. Due to the lack of childcare and the curfew, Virginia couldn't return to work. Ultimately, Virginia was terminated due to "job abandonment" even though she was entitled to workplace accommodations under NYC law.

Deputy Director at Legal Momentum and Virginia's counsel, Seher Khawaja, has filed an administrative complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights but there has been no resolution. Virginia's story highlights how flagrant the discrimination and inequities are for survivors. More stories like Virginia's must be told!