Why we didn't see Amber Heard coming and what it might mean for other women who allege abuse

If you are being watched, leave now!


June 2, 2022

Legal Momentum Legal Director, Jennifer Becker, was quoted in USA Today coverage about the aftermath  of the highly-publicized Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation trial and what it means for future survivors of domestic violence who decide to speak publicly about their experiences.


"Becker said in the last few years, she has seen exponential growth in retaliatory defamation lawsuits brought against survivors for speaking out in ways that should be protected. She's seen a survivor on a college campus sued for defamation after her sexual assault report launched a Title IX investigation. She currently has a client being sued for defamation for speaking at a congressional subcommittee hearing. 

"What we've noticed about a lot of these retaliatory lawsuits is the merit of the lawsuit is not the motivation. The motivation is intimidation, harassment, and an attempt to silence," she said."