NYMag features 35 women who claim sex abuse by Bill Cosby

If you are being watched, leave now!


July 27, 2015

Legal Momentum's Senior Vice President and Director of the National Judicial Education Program, Lynn Hecht Schafran, commented on the Bill Cosby rape allegations in this WPIX evening news story.

“I’m very glad that this is finally coming out in such a graphic form that it will smack people in the face,” said Lynn Hecht Schafran, executive Vice President of Legal Momentum, the women’s legal defense fund.

She and her organization are why it’s illegal and actionable if somebody displays pornography in the workplace. They also successfully carried out legal action that resulted in the ceasing of firefighters and other first responders from harassing women in the workplace.

Hecht Schafran has handled many cases similar to those profiled in the article, and she points one thing out about most of the alleged survivors of Cosby’s abuse. Assuming it happened, it took place way too long ago to take legal action.

“We need to get rid of the statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault,” Hecht Schafran said.