7th Year of Rights Now! Peer Educator Program 

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November 21, 2022

7th Year of Rights Now! Peer Educator Program 

At the start of November, Legal Momentum launched this year’s Rights Now! Peer Educator Program. Now in its seventh year, this year’s program is focused on empowering young people, particularly young women of color, with knowledge about their legal protections regarding sexual assault, dating abuse, Title IX, and more. With seven new educators, and two who have returned from last year’s program to serve as 2nd-Year Peer Educators, we are thrilled to have a group of passionate and dedicated young people interested in learning about their legal rights. Look out for Peer-Educator led community resources in the new year on our website and social media accounts.  

The Rights Now! Program focuses on legal protections and policy advocacy regarding gender-based discrimination, violence, and harassment. Peer Educators create tangible resources and lead inclusive conversations to educate their communities on their rights towards gender and racial justice. Topics include gender discrimination, healthy relationships, gender-based violence, and more. 

If you are interested in collaborating with the Rights Now! Program or hosting a community event, please contact Program Manager Rachel LaPointe, rlapointe@legalmomentum.org.