ICYMI: June at Legal Momentum

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July 6, 2023

What You May Have Missed in June

60 Years of the Equal Pay Act

  • June 10th was the 60th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, but recent reporting shows that women have collectively lost over $61 trillion over the last five decades due to the gender pay gap. Seher Khawaja, LM's Senior Attorney for Economic Empowerment, spoke to Law360 about the importance, and limitations, of the Equal Pay Act, and what types of legislation, like pay transparency laws and minimum wage increases, are needed to close the gender pay gap.

LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Day

  • On June 15th, we recognized LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Day to raise awareness about LGBTQIA+ wage disparities and the lack of wage gap data for these communities. The combination of unequal pay, transphobia & structural racism is especially devastating to queer and trans people of color.

Reflection on One Year Post-Roe

Eliminating Retaliatory No-Rehire Clauses

  • On June 26th, Kyra Batté, LM Staff Attorney, testified in front of New York City Council in support of Int 0811-2022, which would eliminate a longstanding retaliatory practice in settlement agreements used by employers that effectively penalize employees who challenge workplace discrimination. Read her full written testimony here or watch a clip of the testimony here.  

Reduced Protections for Stalking Survivors

  • On June 27th, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in Counterman v. Colorado that a speaker’s subjective intention must be considered when determining whether speech is a “true threat” and thus punishable notwithstanding the First Amendment, limiting protections for survivors and increasing the burden on prosecutors. Lynn Hecht Schafran, Legal Momentum's Senior Vice President, shared our disappointment with the SCOTUS ruling in Ms. Magazine.

In April, we submitted an amicus brief in this case to the Supreme Court explaining the real harm to victims caused by these threats and how a ruling would have real-world impact on survivors’ safety and abuser accountability. You can read it here

Rights for Pregnant Workers

  • Also on June 27th, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act officially went into effect! We were proud to support this law that makes it easier for millions of pregnant workers and those recovering from childbirth to get the support they need at work, keep their jobs and protect their health. More information on the new law can be found here

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