Greer v. Beck's Pub & Grille

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January 4, 2006

Greer v. Beck's Pub & Grille et al., No. C03-2070 LRR (N.D. Iowa Jan. 4, 2006)

Legal Momentum served as co-counsel on this case along with Iowa attorneys Ronnie Podolefsky and Paige Fielder.

Background of the Case

This case was filed on behalf of Antonette Greer, a woman in Waterloo, Iowa, who worked with her abusive boyfriend at a restaurant. One day after she told her employer she had obtained a protective order, she got fired. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, kept his job at the restaurant.

Summary of the Case

The complaint alleges that Ms. Greer’s employers fired her because she was a victim of domestic violence, because she obtained a protective order, and because they favored the co-worker/boyfriend over her by continuing his employment, despite his criminal convictions relating to the domestic violence against her.

Our claims include wrongful discharge in violation of public policy (the theory that prevailed in the Apessos case), disparate treatment and disparate impact sex discrimination (the theory of the Alvera case), and retaliation.


In 2006, the court upheld the validity of the wrongful discharge claim but granted defendants summary judgment on the sex discrimination claims. The case was subsequently resolved.  

  • Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Workplace Equality and Economic Empowerment

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