Children and Teens

  • Provides support and referral to local help and resources for youth in crisis.
  • Social justice organization that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) youth  NYAC's National Resource Clearinghouse is the most comprehensive collection of information and materials on issues affecting LGBTQ youth. The National Resource Clearinghouse provides information, referrals, and materials to NYAC members, LGBTQ youth, service providers, educators, the media, and other advocates. Assistance on HIV/STD prevention and Comprehensive Sexuality Education.
  • Provides legal representation and legal referrals to young people in the juvenile justice system. Holistic approach includes comprehensive social services for youth offenders.  Also provides free legal assistance to advocates and attorneys.
  • Advocacy and public policy to protect legal, civil, and educational rights of children, especially children with disabilities, children of color, and children living in poverty.
  • Legal advocacy organization dedicated to protecting children and their rights.  No direct assistance provided, but referrals and information are available. Additionally, provides technical assistance to attorneys who are representing children.