Family Law

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  • A non-profit association and support website for mothers without custody. Lots of info, discussion boards, and links to other resources and local chapters.
  • Provides legal assistance and other support to women involved in custody cases where PAS (“Parental Alienation Syndrome”) claims are used against them.
  • Call or visit website for free resource packets on child custody, supervised visitation, mediation, domestic violence and child custody. Technical assistance provided for attorneys and advocates only.
  • No legal referrals or direct legal assistance, but website offers links to resources and information regarding various aspects of family law (domestic violence, custody, child support, divorce, etc.).
  • Website has database of family law lawyers across the US. Some informational resources and articles are also available on the website.
  • Oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence. “Second Saturday” Divorce workshops ($45 fee) at locations across the country provide seminars with attorneys, counselors, financial advisors, and other financial professionals.
  • Information about money management to help women achieve financial stability, especially women whose lives are in transition.
  • Deals with child abuse issues. Helpline provides legal assistance, referrals, public policy monitoring, technical assistance to protective parties, referrals, courtwatch information and public education. Focuses especially in cases where justice system response has fallen short.
  • Educates advocates and victims on issues such as budgeting, identity theft, banking, predatory lending, violence in the workplace, housing, and credit, all of which play a role in ending domestic violence. Has an excellent publication called “Hope and Power: For Your Personal Finances,” written to help women regain control over their finances after leaving an abusive relationship. Available for free online at
  • Policy and advocacy to protect and expand pension rights. Direct services provided through “pension counseling system” in some regions of the country. Online “pension help” can be accessed for those states where there is no counseling system, as can referrals to pension lawyers and actuaries. Information and “help-kits” for divorced and widowed women trying to collect pensions. The publication, “Your Pension Rights at Divorce”, can also be ordered for a fee. Also sponsors pension assistance hotlines regionally; check website for further info.
  • Public policy and legislative advocacy organization for older and mid-life women. Focuses on health, quality of life, economic security issues. Call for information about events and local chapters.
  • Information regarding pensions, social security, divorce and widowhood and long-term healthcare available on website. Can call to request further information or publications.


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