If you are being watched, leave now!

  • In conjunction with Teen Dating Violence Month 2016, happening this February, Legal Momentum is pleased to announce the release of a new set of educational materials for judges, courts, court-related professionals, schools, parents, teens, and the community to learn about the dangers and consequences of Teen Dating Violence. The information and resources sheets were developed by the National Judicial Education Program (NJEP), Legal Momentum’s award-winning judicial education project, with funding from the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women.*
  • Last week in Washington, DC, the City Council began considering a bill that would ban suspensions of pre-schoolers. While the pre-school set can get up to a fair amount of rowdiness, we should wonder why pre-schoolers might ever be suspended and what kind of interventions could alter this reality.
  • New Mexico teenager Karina Ramirez nearly dropped out of school just two weeks after the birth of her baby, because school officials said she had missed too many days. In fact, family responsibilities are the top reason why young women drop out of high school; the Gates Foundation found that 26% of students who dropped out of high school did so because they became a parent. Some are pushed out of school by administrators or teachers who don’t want parenting students there, and some just fall out of school because of inadequate support.
  • A Know Your Rights fact sheet regarding the rights of pregnant and parenting students in schools and educational institutions.
  • Educators across the nation continue to witness the problem of gender disparity in programs/coursework that focus on construction, engineering, computers, science, technology, and math. Many educators continue to justify the status quo by arguing that girls do not have a natural or instinctive desire to participate in technical careers. The idea that a particular career is “too masculine” or is considered for “boys only,”  cannot and should not prevent schools from recruiting girls to these programs.
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