• This model curriculum informs participants about the problems women of color face at every level and in every aspect of the judicial system, as litigants, witnesses, defendants, employees, lawyers, and judges.The materials included encourage judges to think about actions they can take to address these problems, in order to insure women of color equal access to justice and equal participation in the judicial system.
  • ABOUT LEGAL MOMENTUMLegal Momentum was founded as the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund in 1970. We are the oldest national women’s rights legal advocacy organization, with a rich history in litigation and public policy development.
  • “The Task Force has concluded that gender bias against women litigants, attorneys and court employees is a pervasive problem with grave consequences. Women are often denied equal justice, equal treatment and equal opportunity.” (link)-Report of the New York Task Force on Women in the Courts 
  • Legal Momentum frequently gives workshops, presentations, trainings, and talks to a wide range of audiences and gatherings. Here are summaries of some of the topics on which our subject matter experts frequently speak. Legal Momentum also develops custom presentations for specific events and organizations and Legal Momentum’s subject matter experts often participate in panel and roundtable discussions. Please email info@legalmomentum.org for information on arranging a presentation, workshop, panel, or webinar for your organization or event.
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  • NJEP's Suite of Online Curricula for Judicial and Multidisciplinary Education
    Model curricula on topics related to sexual assault cases
  • Helping Sexual Assault Victims Navigate the Criminal Justice System This online training on is free and available to you to complete at your own pace in your own space. You can read modules in whatever order you like and return to your place in the training at any time. Start the coursE TODAY
  • The following are just a few examples of the impact NJEP’s educational programs, resources, and publications have had on the judiciary, justice system professionals and educators and victims of sexual assault and gender bias in the courts.IMPACT ON THE JUDICIARY
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  • In 1980, Legal Momentum (then called NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) established the National Judicial Education Program  to Promote Equality for Women and Men in the Courts and invited the newly formed National Association of Women Judges to become the National Judicial Education Program's (NJEP) co-sponsor.