Workplace Equality and Economic Empowerment

If you are being watched, leave now!

For over 40 years, Legal Momentum has been leading pioneering initiatives to advance gender equality in the workplace, helping to enact critical legislation and holding employers accountable by enforcing these laws in the courts. Despite this advances, women continue to face widespread discrimination and significant obstacles to achieving fair and equal access to workplace opportunity and economic security. These obstacles are all the more prevalent for low-wage and low income women, women of color, and immigrant women.

Today, women are still more likely to be paid less than men, to live in poverty, to earn a minimum wage, to be victims of sexual harassment or sexual violence in the workplace, to be penalized for having a child, and to be disproportionately tasked with family care responsibilities.

Through litigation, advocacy, and education, Legal Momentum continues to work to reverse these trends to strengthen and expand legal protections for women in the workplace.  Our initiatives seek to ensure that ALL women  are free from gender discrimination and have an equal opportunity to succeed. 

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