10 Principles for the Workplace

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These 10 principles were developed by a national coalition of employer, labor, and government organizations and define a set of standards to guide workplace responses to domestic violence. The principles describe the attributes of a compassionate and comprehensive workplace response to domestic violence.

Creating Safe Workplaces:

1. We will strive to create a workplace environment that is safe from all forms of violence, including domestic violence, and which supports victims of domestic violence so they can understand and access services, information, and protections available to them.
2. We will, to the fullest extent possible, take active measures to increase the safety of all employees who request assistance because they are victims of domestic violence. We acknowledge the importance of keeping all requests for assistance in confidence, making information available only on a “need to know” basis.
3. In all workplace responses to domestic violence, we will respect the authority and autonomy of the adult victim to direct his or her own life.

Creating Fair Workplaces:

4. We acknowledge that employees who are victims of domestic violence should have the same rights, opportunities, and benefits as all other employees.
5. We believe that employees should not be disciplined or terminated simply because they have been victims of domestic violence, or because the employer fears the impact of domestic violence on the workplace. Nor should any person be denied opportunities for employment, benefits, or promotion because they are, or have been, victims of domestic violence.
6. We are committed to nondiscrimination against domestic violence victims in all aspects of our business and operations, including the delivery of services to customers.
7. We believe that employees who commit acts of domestic violence at or from the workplace must be treated or disciplined in the same manner as employees who commit other acts or violence or harassment at or from the workplace. Where appropriate, we will attempt to provide referrals to certified batterers’ treatment programs.

Creating Informed and Productive Workplaces:

8. We will strive to provide education on domestic violence to employees and/or union members. We believe that this education should include information about resources available in the workplace and/or community for victims of domestic violence and batterers.
9. We will strive to make all personnel, benefits, security policies, and employee assistance programs responsive to the needs of employees who are victims of domestic violence.

Creating Socially Responsible Workplaces:

10. As members of local, state, and national communities, we believe in our responsibility to support community efforts to end domestic violence.

Legal Momentum has for decades provided representation and education on matters related to domestic violence and is available to provide technical assistance and training on matters related to domestic violence in the workplace and the implementation of its “This Workplace Is a DV-Free Zone” Model Workplace Policy

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10 Principles for the Workplace


10 Principles for the Workplace describes the attributes of a comprehensive and compassionate workplace response to domestic violence.