Letter to the DOJ regarding Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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July 6, 2015

Legal Momentum's Senior Vice President and Director of the National Judicial Education Program, Lynn Hecht Schafran, and Vice President for Government Relations, Lisalyn Jacobs, worked together with a small group of organizations to meet with the Department of Justice’s Special Litigation Section. This group seeks to urge the Department of Justice to issue Guidance on Gender-Biased Policing. This is the group's formal request letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, which was circulated to organizations across the country requesting them to sign on. Eighty-eight national organizations and 98 state and local organizations signed on to the letter.

Excerpt from the Letter

"We believe that current criminal justice reform efforts should encompass and build upon the work the Department has already undertaken to combat gender bias and should address the fact that women, who make up the vast majority of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, face discriminatory police practices. Providing guidance to law enforcement on constitutional and effective policing of domestic violence and sexual assault is a critical next step in reforming and improving our criminal justice system."


  • Fairness in the Courts
  • Violence Against Women and Girls
  • National Judicial Education Program



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