Legal Momentum and the Center for Urban Pedagogy Launch Innovative New Resource for Women Workers: Women, Know Your Rights at Work! / ¡Mujeres, Conoce Tus Derechos en el Trabajo!

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May 25, 2021

Legal Momentum and the Center for Urban Pedagogy Launch Innovative New Resource for Women Workers: Women, Know Your Rights at Work! / ¡Mujeres, Conoce Tus Derechos en el Trabajo! 



In many workplaces, women and other marginalized groups face gender discrimination and other common abuses from employers who do not follow the law. Too many women, who either don’t know their rights or fear retaliation, suffer these violations in silence while their economic security declines.

To help tackle this problem, Legal Momentum’s Women Valued Initiative launched a new worker resource in collaboration with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) and graphic designer Vic Lui, as part of CUP’s Making Policy Public program. This new resource, Women, Know Your Rights at Work!, is a fold-out poster in English and Spanish that aims to empower women workers, breaking down information about key workplace protections and practical strategies to assert them.



Access Women, Know Your Rights At Work! Here



Our guide was created based on input from women workers and intends to tackle some of the unique vulnerabilities and challenges faced by women most underserved by our laws, including women of color, immigrant women, victims of gender-based violence, and the disproportionate number of women working in low-wage industries. The resource therefore takes into account the work and experiences of women in domestic work, restaurant work, nursing, farm work, the garment industry, office work, and beyond.

Centering these unique obstacles in our guidance, the poster section of this resource provides accessible information on legal protections regarding gender discrimination, unlawful pay practices, workplace health and safety, and caregiving. The poster provides a menu of targeted strategies and options to help workers prevent violations, take steps to better safeguard their workplace rights, and to seek the support women so often need to advocate for themselves and to avoid the isolation that holds them back. As we regularly say, the more we assert our rights, and when we do so together, the more meaningful these legal protections become!


The goal of our initiative is to get this resource into the hands of as many women who need this information and often do not have access to it. To do so Women Valued continues to distribute its worker resources to advocates and community-based organizations serving vulnerable women across New York State as well as to worker leaders and women workers. If you or your organization would like to receive hard copies of this resource to distribute to the workers you serve or know, you can submit a request by completing this form on our website.


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COVID-19 Resources. In this challenging time, our legal team developed a no-cost guide to Legal Rights and Economic Resources for Workers Impacted by COVID-19, also available in Spanish and Chinese.


Protecting women’s and girls’ rights begins with the law. Thank you for your ongoing support - you make our work possible!  Stay safe and stay healthy.

Legal Momentum Legal Team