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June 22, 2021

Teen Dating Abuse & Violence is a scourge as epidemic, harmful, and potentially lethal as adult domestic violence. Unchecked, teen dating abuse and violence can entrench a lifetime pattern of perpetration by abusers and acceptance of abuse by victims. The rapidly growing awareness of teen dating abuse and violence presents an opportunity for judges, courts, and court-related professionals to protect victims, intervene with perpetrators, and educate the communities they serve on their role in prevention. The teen years are a period of peak learning capacity and potential for change. The National Judicial Education Program created a variety of resources to increase awareness on this issue. The full suite of resources can be found in several formats:

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum Composed of Six Subject Matter Slide Decks
  • Shorter Myths vs Facts Sample Presentations
  • Information Sheets
  • Webinars for the Minnesota Judicial Branch

A Resources Guide helps navigate the use of these various resources. 

Teen Dating Abuse & Violence Resources Guide 

The Resources Guide provides information about all National Judicial Education Program resources  on Teen Dating Abuse & Violence. It includes a brief overview of the project and each of the formats in which the curriculum is offered.  The Resources Guide presents the information necessary for any faciliator or educator to present NJEP's content, adapted to local law and practice. 


Teen Dating Abuse and Violence Resources Guide

Comprehensive Teen Dating Abuse and Violence Slide Decks 


TDAV Slide Decks


 • Sexual Abuse & Assault

 • The Teenage Brain: Nature vs. Nurture, Neuroscience and ACEs


 • Issues for LGBTQ+ TEENS


Teen Dating Abuse and Violence Slide Decks

The slide decks provide legal, social science and medical research about the many aspects of teen dating abuse and violence. The format is powerpoints with suggested commentary that can be adapted to local law and practice. As described in the Resources Guide, the six slide decks can be presented as a series to create a comprehensive curriculum. Each of the slide decks can also be integrated into other subject matter programs such as domestic violence risk assessment, juvenile justice, and social media and electronic evidence.

Sample Comprehensive Myths vs Facts Formats


NJEP has presented the TDAV Curriculum in a Myths vs Facts format for the Colorado courts and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ). At the link below are a sample 60 minute presentation, and a sample 2.5 hour presentation which included an exercise and discussion. These are useful formats for presenting an overview of the multiplicity of TDAV issues in limited time.

Teen Dating Abuse and Violence Sample Myths vs Facts Formats

Comprehensive Teen Dating Abuse and Violence Information Sheets

A Legal Toolkit for Women's Economic Equality


1) The Dynamics and Consequences of Teen Dating Abuse & Violence

2) The Teenage Brain: Nature & Nurture, Neuroscience & ACEs

3) The Role of Social Media & Electronic Evidence (& Glossary)

4) LGBTQIA2s+ Issues in Teen Dating Abuse & Violence (& Glossary)

5)  Achieving Both Accountability and Protection: The Need for Judicial Leadership

These can all be found at the link below.

 Teen Dating Abuse and Violence Information Sheets

The Teen Dating Abuse and Violence project Information Sheets and Resources provides easily accessible information on the multiple issues involved in Teen Dating Abuse & Violence.  These are provided in two formats: the full set of sheets or the 8 individual topics sheets.


The National Judicial Education Program created three webinars for the Minnesota Judicial Branch. 

A Legal Toolkit for Women's Economic Equality


These webinars utilize the information from the six comprehensive slide decks described above. The webinars include video clips made by Minnesota judges and court personnel, a Minnesota licensed social worker with extensive experience with teen dating abuse and violence, and representatives of the Violence Free Minnesota Youth Advisory Board. 


The first webinar, Dynamics & Consequences, defines teen dating abuse and discusses challenges faced by victims in court. The second webinar, The Teenage Brain and Victim Impact, examines the neuroscience of the teen brain and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on developing brains. The third webinar, Victim Safety & Offender Accountability with Recommendations for Court Personnel and Judicial Leadership, addresses the need for judical leadership and explores court policies and practices that can make the courts safer and more accessible to teen dating abuse and violence victims.

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