Litigation Case Document

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  • Determined the right to sue under Title VII for wrongful discharge when a woman is dismissed from employment because her batterer works in the same establishment.
  • Supreme Court case that determined the constitutionality of California's one-year residency requirement before new Californians could receive full welfare benefits.
  • Determined whether an employer is liable under Title VII for the acts of an employee whose sexual harassment of subordinates has created a hostile work environment.
  • Determined whether buffer zones prohibiting demonstrations and blockades around abortion clinics violated the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.
  • Determined the Constitutionality of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.
  • We brought a case against a school for sex discrimination when it failed to address peer-to-peer sexual harassment.
  • Robinson v. Jacksonville Shipyards, Inc., 760 F.Supp. 1486 (Dist. Court, MD Florida 1991) Legal Momentum prevailed in this precedent-setting 1991 case, which determined the definition of a hostile work environment under Title VII. A Florida district court judge ruled that "pictures of nude and partially nude women" posted throughout the workplace constitute sexual harassment. Available here is the agrument submitted to the United State Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.
  • Addressed the issue of contempt fines in the federal court order protecting women, doctors and clinic workers from anti-choice blockades and violence.
  • Determined the constitutionality of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, a state law that imposed waiting periods and required the dissemination of information concerning the risks of abortion to women seeking the procedure.


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