A fair and equitable workplace free of discrimination and retaliation

If you are being watched, leave now!


Due to high levels of retaliation, over 85% of individuals do not formally report harassment for fear of losing their jobs or their ability to live and work in this country.

Despite existing laws against sex-based employment discrimination and retaliation, women continue to face pervasive forms of sex discrimination in the workplace. Moreover, because women have many intersecting identities, sex discrimination, combined with racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination, profoundly impact women of color. All women, including new mothers, immigrants, farmworkers, day laborers, domestic workers, and independent contractors, must be protected.

To eliminate sex discrimination in the workplace, ALL women must have access to meaningful protections, remedies, and enforcement mechanisms that won’t cost them their jobs. Legislation should specifically prohibit and penalize reporting of immigration status when women seek to challenge gender discrimination.

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