Employment and Work

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  • Determined whether it is proper for a federal appeals court to overturn a jury verdict when a sexual harassment plaintiff has convinced a jury that she was subjected to a hostile environment in her workplace.
  • Determined whether money awarded for lost compensation constitute an element of compensatory, such that it is subject to the Civil Rights Act of 1991's statutory cap on such damages.
  • Determined whether non-profit organizations that have religious objections to contraception have the right to exclude coverage of contraception in their group health insurance plans.
  • Determined the Constitutionality of an affirmative action program targeted at economically and socially disadvantaged small business owners.
  • Determined whether the EEOC has the authority to pursue individual remedies in court when the individual employee has signed a mandatory arbitration agreement.
  • Determined the evidence standard for sex discrimination in employment (Title VII) cases, and resolved whether a promotion based on sex stereotyping is in violation of Title VII.
  • Concerned the sexual harassment and sex discrimination at work based on rumors of a female employee "sleeping with her male boss to obtain promotions." 
  • Determined whether the AFL-CIO violated Title VII by compensating employees in predominantly-female jobs at a lower rate than employees in predominantly-male jobs.
  • Outlined the definition of a gender-discriminatory hostile work environment under Title VII.
  • Determined whether an employee can bring a claim of gender stereotyping sex discrimination under Title VII even if there is coexisting evidence of sexual orientation discrimination.
  • The U.S. District Court erred in denying Plaintiffs’ class-action motion by failing to consider the anecdotal evidence submitted to prove companywide bias practices. 
  • Determined whether a court could reverse a ruling of discrimination on the grounds that the lower court findings were clearly erroneous.


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