Employment and Work

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  • Determined whether non-profit organizations that have religious objections to contraception have the right to exclude coverage of contraception in their group health insurance plans.
  • Determined an employee's ability to bring discrimination suit in court despite a mandatory arbitration clause in the union contract.
  • Determined whether Wal-Mart's female employees should be treated as a nationwide class in a Title VII suit against their employer.
  • Determined evidence requirements to prove discriminatory intent in a prima facie discrimination case under Title VII for discrimination in promotion.
  • Determined whether a policy that prohibits women of childbearing age from participating in occupations that could be detrimental to their reproductive capacities constitutes sex discrimination.
  • Determined whether an organization is considered place of public accommodation when its purpose is to build relationships that would advance leadership skills, and therefore cannot discriminate on the basis of sex.
  • Determined whether the AFL-CIO violated Title VII by compensating employees in predominantly-female jobs at a lower rate than employees in predominantly-male jobs.
  • Determined whether a municipality can discard results from an otherwise valid civil service exam when the results of the exam unintentionally prevent the promotion of minority candidates.
  • Determined whether, if an employee can show that the employer’s stated reason for firing her was pretext, her case can go to a jury to decide whether the employer unlawfully discriminated.
  • Determined whether an employee can bring a claim of gender stereotyping sex discrimination under Title VII even if there is coexisting evidence of sexual orientation discrimination.
  • Determined the evidence standard for sex discrimination in employment (Title VII) cases, and resolved whether a promotion based on sex stereotyping is in violation of Title VII.
  • Determined whether money awarded for lost compensation constitute an element of compensatory, such that it is subject to the Civil Rights Act of 1991's statutory cap on such damages.


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