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  • Determined whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibited employers from offering the option of receiving retirement benefits from companies that paid lower monthly retirement benefits to women than to men.
  • Determined whether an employer violates federal anti-discrimination law (Title VII) by excluding contraceptives from a prescription drug plan that covers other prescriptions.
  • Determined whether an organization is considered place of public accommodation when its purpose is to build relationships that would advance leadership skills, and therefore cannot discriminate on the basis of sex.
  • Determined whether an employer violates Title VII when, in making post-Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”) eligibility determinations for pension and benefits, the employer does not restore service credit lost by female employees when they took pregnancy leaves under pre-PDA policies.
  • Determined the availability of unemployment insurance under New York law for a victim of domestic violence who leaves her job to relocate in order to escape abuser.
  • Determined whether a policy that prohibits women of childbearing age from participating in occupations that could be detrimental to their reproductive capacities constitutes sex discrimination.
  • Determined whether New York City's physical exam for firefighting discriminated against women applicants for firefighting positions.
  • This case, the first sexual harassment class action to reach federal court, determined whether the person appointed to determine the damages owed to the victims of a workplace sexual harassment case committed legal errors in his discovery report.
  • Determined evidence requirements to prove discriminatory intent in a prima facie discrimination case under Title VII for discrimination in promotion.
  • Determined whether a club is considered a business establishment, and would therefore be subject to the Unruh Civil Rights Act.
  • Concerned sexual harassment charges against a judge and the Nebraska Supreme Court.
  • Determined whether Wal-Mart's female employees should be treated as a nationwide class in a Title VII suit against their employer.


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