Employment and Work

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  • Determined whether an employer violates federal anti-discrimination law (Title VII) by excluding contraceptives from a prescription drug plan that covers other prescriptions.
  • Determined the availability of unemployment insurance under New York law for a victim of domestic violence who leaves her job to relocate in order to escape abuser.
  • Determined whether a policy that prohibits women of childbearing age from participating in occupations that could be detrimental to their reproductive capacities constitutes sex discrimination.
  • Determined whether an employer violates Title VII when, in making post-Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”) eligibility determinations for pension and benefits, the employer does not restore service credit lost by female employees when they took pregnancy leaves under pre-PDA policies.
  • This case, the first sexual harassment class action to reach federal court, determined whether the person appointed to determine the damages owed to the victims of a workplace sexual harassment case committed legal errors in his discovery report.
  • Determined evidence requirements to prove discriminatory intent in a prima facie discrimination case under Title VII for discrimination in promotion.
  • Determined whether New York City's physical exam for firefighting discriminated against women applicants for firefighting positions.
  • Concerned sexual harassment charges against a judge and the Nebraska Supreme Court.
  • Determined whether Wal-Mart's female employees should be treated as a nationwide class in a Title VII suit against their employer.
  • Determined whether a club is considered a business establishment, and would therefore be subject to the Unruh Civil Rights Act.
  • Determined whether an employer's conduct has to be "egregious" or "outrageous" in order to sustain an award of punitive damages under Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Determined an employee's ability to bring discrimination suit in court despite a mandatory arbitration clause in the union contract.


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