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  • Legal Momentum Talks to New York Magazine about Kavanaugh Case Legal Momentum provided critical information on issues of privacy and rights of sexual assault survivors in a new article appearing in New York Magazine’s The Cut about the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Legal Momentum’s Deputy Legal Director, Jennifer Becker, highlighted the importance of confidentiality for survivors and their right to tell their stories on their own terms.
  • Legal Momentum's Jennifer Becker spoke with New York Magazine's The Cut about the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Senator Dianne Feinstein's decision not to publicize the letter she received from a sexual assault survivor. 
  • Legal Momentum Joins Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Washington Carol Baldwin Moody, LM’s President and CEO, was an honored guest in Washington for Women’s Equality Day, where she met with Justice Ginsburg and other women leaders for a private conversation about the future of women’s equality. Hosted by the National Women’s Party, the event asked leaders like Carol to be part of a vibrant conversation about voting rights and women’s equality under the law.
  • National Urban League Know Your Rights Seminar Legal Momentum’s President and CEO, Carol Baldwin Moody, was a panelist on Who Runs the World: Empowering Your Girls in the Public Education System, the keynote event for the Third Annual Street Law Clinic at the National Urban League Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, on August 4. The event was designed to help members of the community navigate common situations encountered by girls (particularly girls of color) in the public education system.
  • “What is happening? This is a posting for the same job as mine and it pays $10,000 more than I make?” That is the question I posed to my supervisor more than 20 years ago as a young Black female lawyer in what was considered a high-paying job in New York City. There was no good answer given, so I applied for the job. This was the first time I discovered the issue of pay inequity for Black women, and unfortunately, I went on to discover many examples throughout my career.
  • Deputy Legal Director and National Judicial Education Program Senior Attorney Jennifer Becker was on the WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast with Joe Miller discussing Legal Momentum, tech and domestic violence on July 30, 2018. Jennifer discusses how abusers perpetrate domestic violence via technology, what victims can do to get help, and the need for legislators around the country to address these issues. 
  • Legal Momentum announces a new online training course, Helping Sexual Assault Victims Navigate the Criminal Justice System, designed to prepare non-lawyer victim advocates to help their clients navigate the criminal justice process. 
  • Recent immigration policies, including the separation and detention of families entering at the U.S.-Mexico border and the Attorney General’s decision to deny asylum to victims of domestic violence, reinforce existing inequalities that disproportionately impact immigrant women.
  • Jennifer Becker is a former sex crimes and child abuse prosecutor and the deputy legal director at Legal Momentum. She says Monday morning’s arraignment is “definitely a big first step for the victims” but cautions that the road to justice could be long.


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